Emiliano Gomide is an entrepreneur, international coach, and founder of The Triple Energy Method.

With a passion for research in the areas of self-development, personal growth, and health, in 2022, Emiliano created The Triple Energy Method. His mission is to help people have more energy, enabling them to live better lives and achieve their full potential.

He discovered this method after battling fatigue and witnessing how it affected every aspect of his life. Determined to find the best way to boost his energy, Emiliano experimented with various approaches until he finally developed his own unique, holistic method. He applied insights from systems thinking theory, drawn from his background as an industrial engineer. After five years of research and development to refine the method, he decided to share it with people around the world who also sought to improve their energy levels, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Emiliano is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and currently resides in Brisbane, Australia. There, he pursues his other passions, including playing the guitar, practicing tai chi, salsa dancing, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.


Our mission is to empower busy professionals with the energy and stamina they need to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary feats.


The Triple Energy Method is your key to lasting energy and stamina. This proven step-by-step system harnesses the power of science to boost your physical, mental, and emotional energies simultaneously. It tackles the root causes of fatigue, ensuring you feel invigorated and focused all day long, regardless of your starting energy level and even if you have a very busy schedule. Discover a more energetic and confident you without turning your life upside down or needing to rely on stimulants. Unlock boundless energy today!


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